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Scowatt , based in Guangdong, is a globally lighting manufacturer with a history dating back more than 10 years. The portfolio ranges from high-tech applications based on semiconductor technology,such as Industrial or outdoor led lighting , to new energy lighting solution in buildings and cities. Scowatt had more than 200 employees and 10000 square meter workshop. For sure provide highly quality product and Fast delivery time .



Our factory has 1,200 tons of die-casting machines, CNC machine tools, spraying production lines, etc. Welcome to visit

Good quality / Cost-effictive / Fast Delivery

We are growing

From the first generation of classic casting industrial lighting products in 2006, we continue to think, what does a lighting project need in the end? We have found the answer in the past decade. We combine advanced design concepts in Hong Kong with China's high-performance manufacturing costs to produce high-performance, cost-effective lighting fiture for our customers. At the same time we continue to introduce designing from German,France and Australia etc , learning production standards from Philips, GE, Osram and other international companies


Ecomagination is Scowatt’s growth strategy to enhance resource productivity and reduce environmental impact at a global scale through commercial solutions for our customers and through our own operations. As a part of this strategy, we are investing in cleaner technology and business innovation, developing solutions to enable economic growth while avoiding emissions and reducing water consumption, committing to reduce the environmental impact in our own operations, and developing strategic partnerships to solve some of the toughest environmental challenges at scale to create a cleaner, faster, smarter tomorrow.

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