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Scowatt , based in Guangdong, is a globally lighting manufacturer with a history dating back more than 10 years. The portfolio ranges from high-tech applications based on semiconductor technology,such as Industrial or outdoor led lighting , to new energy lighting solution in buildings and cities. Scowatt had more than 200 employees and 10000 square meter workshop. For sure provide highly quality product and Fast delivery time .

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LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

100% Usable Capacity at any discharge C-Rate The life of lithium iron phosphate battery can reach 8 years, and the number of charge and discharge cycles can reach 2000 times. Small size, large capacity

PIR/MW Sensor

The PIR/microwave sensor makes the lights brighter when people walk by, and reduces the brightness after people walk to save energy. It can also accept the information from the remote control as a communication port.

Dimmable function

The controller detects whether there is sunlight to turn on or off the lights. When there is no sunlight, it turns on the lights at night. At the same time, it automatically reduces the brightness for rainy weather to extend the lighting time.

MPPT Fast Charge

Using MPPT to automatically adjust the charging voltage and current to match the maximum charging efficiency, so that the same solar panel can obtain more power

Remote control

Operation and maintenance helper, the controller can accept the information sent by the remote control within a distance of 10 meters, including modifying the operating parameters and querying the operating status of the solar energy system.

IOT 4G Smart System

The Internet management system uses 4G, LORA, Zigbee and other wireless communication methods to effectively provide real-time monitoring for the system, modify operating parameters and fault alarms and other services, and can also remotely turn on or off lights.

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All in one solar street light feature

Bird Scarer

Bird Scarer

The bird thorns can scare birds away from standing on the lamps, avoiding the unstable load-bearing of lamps and bird droppings falling on the solar panels to block the sun.
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Rotatable led module

Rotatable led module

The LED module not only uses high lumen 5050 chips , but also reaches 220lm/w in luminous efficiency, and the rotatable design allows the lamp to obtain a larger illumination angle
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Rotatable Bracket

Rotatable Bracket

In different countries, the angle of sunlight exposure is different, the adjustable angle bracket is not only stable, but also can obtain the best angle of sunlight exposure
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Simple wiring design

Simple wiring design

Equipped with a lithium battery mains charging interface, the wiring is simplified, so that customers without power technology foundation can also replace the equipment for maintenance.
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SMS-60W Solar Street Light

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